About Us

Strengthening the Church by Serving Pastors

WHY? Because  the Church is God's "Plan A" for transforming peoples' lives through the redemptive power of the Gospel.

We serve pastors by providing coaching, crisis support and consulting.

When pastors are healthy and thriving in their private (backstage) lives and their public (front stage) lives, the Church has a much better chance of being the beacon of hope God created Her to be. This perspective excites us and serves to keep us laser focused on our reason for existence as an organization!

PastorServe has revitalized our ministry at the Refinery Church. Working with PastorServe on some personal challenges and then allowing them to work with our entire staff during a staff retreat have been some of the best decisions I have made in church leadership.  Our staff is better equipped to work together, understand each other and accomplish more of what’s important for the Kingdom.  Keep up the good work PastorServe!

Chad Goucher - Lead Pastor
The Refinery – Goodyear, AZ

Chad Goucher - Lead Pastor The Refinery

Our Team

National Team

Jimmy Dodd

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Kristina Dodd

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Jim Fenlason

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Lainie MacDonald

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Gary Ascanio

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Rick Pierce

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Midwest Team

Jay Fowler

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Arthur Jackson

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Dr. Jeremy Bedenbaugh

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Jen Radmanesh

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Twoana Clark-Sheppard

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Dan Dermyer

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Ed Rotz

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Roberto Moreno

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Belinda Kendall

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Roy Bilyeu

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Rocky Mountain Team

Wade Brown

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Jeannie Martin

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Amber Ayers

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Bill McIntyre

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Houston Team

Bryant Lee

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Southeast Team

Wesley Horne

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Northwest Team

Clark Tanner

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Los Angeles Team

Lou Huesmann

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Asian American Team

Paul S. Ju

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Our Guiding Values

The Gospel

Truth is revealed through the Bible and the person of Jesus. Pastors are called to daily remember the message of the Gospel as much as their congregations are. We are all in need of God's daily grace.


We are committed to being honest and transparent in our behavior.


We are committed to caring for pastors in every level of engagement we have with them. For us, it begins with taking the time. To be present. To listen. To counsel. To encourage. To shepherd.


Honesty and trust form the bond of friendship. We maintain the highest respect for confidentiality regarding all relationships. We respond to every issue and scenario with the utmost sensitivity, encouragement, and sincere feedback.

PastorServe Pastor Gathering

 The Local Church

We believe that God's primary way to bring about reformation, revival and renewal is through the local church.


We seek and partner with ministries of both local and national influence alike. Working together, we can accomplish more for the Kingdom.

Catalytic Movement

We believe we are called to help ignite a movement that strengthens the Church by equipping and caring for its pastors and ministry leaders.


Sometimes all you need is a detailed plan of action

We understand this and can provide you with the tools you need to achieve results in your ministry.  One-on-one sessions are available to help you get on track and stay focused.  Whether you’re looking for guidance in your long range planning or just need a few words of advice, contact us today to get started.

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