Strengthening the Church
by Serving Pastors


Strengthening your church, for us, begins by serving you, the pastor!

Feeling stuck? Overwhelmed? Want to make progress on your leadership challenges?

Help Meet the Needs of
Under-Resourced Churches

Times of crisis always hit distressed neighborhoods and those on the margins the hardest, including the churches who faithfully serve those communities. These churches don't typically have the resources to survive a lengthy economic storm. Yet their work and presence are absolutely vital for a flourishing community. We need to direct critical funding to these churches to help them thrive through this storm. PastorServe is uniquely positioned through robust local networks to identify critical funding needs in these turbulent times. If you would like to partner with us to get resources to help where they are most needed, donate today and/or reach out to us at

Prepare Your Church for the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Thank you to The Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College for this practical, 28-page manual, Preparing Your Church for Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Step-by-Step, Research-Informed and Faith-Based Planning Manual. This manual offers faith communities a 6-step guide for preparing, planning, and facing a public health threat like coronavirus.

How can we serve you?


A coach is one of the six relationships we believe every pastor needs, and the coaching conversation is one of the most important conversations you can have.

It’s where awareness, discovery, insight, growth and breakthroughs happen in your backstage (private life) and front stage (public life/ministry). Learn more about our coaching packages!


We love helping pastors and their staffs make progress on their most daunting leadership challenges and dilemmas. At times, it’s helping to bring perspective.

At other times, it’s about training related to core leadership competencies. Whatever your consulting need, we’d like to help you make progress.

Crisis Support

Let’s be real. In a fallen, broken world, bad decisions are made. People are hurt, and Satan would love to use the resulting confusion, anger, pain and suffering from sinfulness to destroy individuals, marriages and the Church.

While engaging in this type of work is often very time consuming, messy and draining, it’s some of the most important work to which God has called us.

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Serving the Church is important to us because the Church is still God’s primary means for redeeming a broken, fallen world by the redemptive power of the Gospel. For us, that begins with serving pastors. Over many years, we’ve been invited to strengthen churches of all sizes, and the experience we had with Mike Bickley and his church is exactly what we strive to do.

We help churches of all sizes, and the experience we had with Mike Bickley and his amazing church is exactly what we strive to do.

Giving yourself away is the calling of every pastor, leader, and church.

We serve a glorious God and get to share the greatest news ever! Nothing could be more exciting…or more challenging.

Along with great opportunity comes difficulties like

  • great spiritual opposition
  • cultural conflict
  • our own problems and baggage

...all carried into the ministry.

Building a thriving and loving team is difficult in the best of circumstances. Building a healthy and vibrant team on a large church staff is a significant challenge.

Enter PastorServe.

They led us on a retreat that has helped us

  • grow deeper in our love for one another
  • identify our baggage
  • clarify our culture

and move forward with hope.

Then they followed up to help us craft a plan to address our problems, accentuate our strengths, and continue growing in grace as one team committed to one purpose and one Savior.

We are incredibly grateful for PastorServe and the expertise and help they provided.

(This story is pulled from the testimonial of Michael J. Bickley of Olathe Bible Church in Olathe, Kansas.)