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Ways to Encourage Your Pastor

Guard your pastor's back

Family is a pastor's primary ministry

Gift him/her with a vacation home

Encourage your pastor to take a risk

Allow your pastor to be real

Encourage your pastor's preaching ministry

Encourage your pastor's spouse

Support the vision of your church

Send a personal note of encouragement

Pray for your pastor

Allow your pastor space

Manage conflict well

Gift someone with "Pastor's Are People Too"

Write your pastor a letter

Gift him/her with a coaching/care package

Recognize his/her birthday or favorite holiday

Some gifts are a burden

Financially support your church

Gift him/her with a marriage get-a-way

Family is a pastor's primary ministry

Don't shoot your pastor in the back

Get to know your pastor

Share Christ with someone

Begin with a pastor's capacity

Want to Give Back More?

Give your pastor all the help they deserve by reaching out to us. We can help you find the most effective ways to support your pastor personally and vocationally.