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Taking Stock

Taking Stock Checklist - PastorServe

Even in our frantic world of task lists and digital leashes there is ebb and flow. Many if not most churches and businesses work off of a school calendar. Summer is to varying degrees the lull before the frantic opening of the season for school, ministry year, and hooray – college football! In lulls, however…

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I never thought it would happen to me.

I never thought it would happen to me

We love doing preventative care. We know, sadly, there will always be a need for crisis care and we are more than willing to do it. We have seen the same sad story too many times to count. Did I say “sad”? Sad is the wrong word – gut wrenching and soul crushing are more…

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Identity & Ministry

Identity and ministry PastorServe

Identity sorting is critical for ministry. In ministry we are constantly tempted by identity distortion. We are not fundamentally what we do, what roles or titles we carry, or even how people receive us in those roles. In Matthew’s account of Jesus’ wilderness temptation the first two of three attacks begin with Jesus’ identity, “If…

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Temptation and Head Lumps

Temptation and Head Lumps - PastorServe

There is a habit we learned at a young age that lingers. We probably don’t even remember learning it. As Christ followers, we learned to confess our sins. Most of us can rattle off texts like, “Confess your sins to one another that you may be healed.” What about our temptations? We learned early on…

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At the Gates

At the Gates - PastorServe

Being faithful doesn’t just involve what Gospel you speak. Every bit as important is where you speak it. My wife is better at this than anyone I know. Getting groceries or replacing the coffee pot becomes a Gospel opportunity. She doesn’t preach or buttonhole in stores. Normal small talk in lines sometimes leads to coffee.…

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Hearing Mary and Martha

'Christ in the House of Martha and Mary', Jan Vermeer van Delft, 1654

A great sister wrote most of what follows. It is a tragedy she needed to write it, and even worse that she took heat after she posted it. Christ’s body is a family, and all families have that Aunt or Uncle that you love, but give a wide birth. Truth be told we are all…

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Empowering Leaders

Empowering Leaders - PastorServe

I simply could not believe my mother-in-law would abandon our first born.  After a few days of modeling infant care she left him in the care of two complete novices.  I remember her smile and reassuring pat on the arm as she said, “you will all be just fine”.  She was right. He survived –…

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Agony - PastorServe

Some things you can know too much about. We all have that friend who obsesses about _________, and when the conversation remotely ventures toward his or her area, there we go. I suspect we all have an area or two that sets off the nerd alert in our circles, “Speaking of conflict, did you know…

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Haiti Contrasts

Haiti Contrasts-PastorServe

The Gospel is full of contrasts – it is the weak who are strong, the poor who become rich, servants are great, those who lose their lives find them. So is Haiti. Most run from – Some run to Haiti reminded me of those vivid scenes from 911. Most run from disaster. A noble and…

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Stuck at a Crossroads?

Stuck at a Crossroads? - PastorServe

It all started with thoughts of Haiti and an upcoming pastors conference in the spring. I read, looked at photos, and spoke with those who have already been. I was overwhelmed. Words come easily to me, but what could I possibly say to fill that bottomless pit of need? Some of us come from traditions…

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