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Leading Change

Leading Change - PastorServe

John Kotter is the youngest man given tenure and a position as full professor at Harvard Business School. His excellent little book entitled “Leading Change” is a business classic that ought to be on every pastor’s shelf. Time after time we see change efforts go badly because the common grace wisdom principles about people, organizations,…

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Focus on Jay Fowler, Midwest Regional Director

Jay Fowler - PastorServe Midwest Region Executive Director

In September 2014, Jay Fowler came on the full time staff of PastorServe, as the Executive Director of the Midwest Region.  A great addition to our team, Jay is an ordained Anglican priest in the Anglican Church of North America. Jay has been in full-time pastoral ministry for over 30 years. During that time he…

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Strength Through Weakness

Strengths vs. Weaknesses - PastorServe

Thank God that he uses human weakness to bring glory to his name. While many believe the Bible is the story of strong leaders who were used by God to accomplish remarkable deeds, the story of the Bible is more accurately described as God using weak, broken, flawed, sinful, messy people to accomplish his purposes.…

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Outsourcing Pastoral Care: The List Continues to Grow

Outsourcing Pastoral Care - PastorServe

For the past several years, we’ve noticed more openness on behalf of churches and denomination leadership to outsource the care and coaching of their pastors. Why such openness? Because they realize that just because pastors aren’t seeking help internally, doesn’t mean they don’t have challenges, problems or issues that need to be addressed. The reasons…

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On the Horizon – Please Pray!

On the Horizon - PastorServe

Survive or Thrive: One-day regional gatherings and book signings for pastors and ministry leaders following the book’s release on September 1. to dig in on the Six Roles every pastor and ministry leader needs to thrive: Colorado Springs – Book Signing on September 2nd and Workshop on September 3rd Kansas City – Week of September 14th…

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Evangelical Presbyterian Church General Assembly

  The PastorServe Team will be exhibiting at the Evangelical Presbyterian Church’s General Assembly in Orlando Tuesday, June 23 – Thursday, June 25. We’ll also be leading one of the Leadership Institute tracks: “Six Key Relationships Every Pastor Needs,” and a Networking Lunch, “The Power of Coaching.” Most importantly, the team will be there to…

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Got Friends?

Got Friends - PastorServe

I will say it again – we were created for community. No one was created for isolation. And yet, we live increasingly fragmented, isolated lives. Our great grandparents would shudder at our definition of friendship. At its lowest level, social media has redefined friendship to mean casual awareness. I can ‘Friend’ you on Facebook although we have…

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Pastoring in Community

Pastoring in Community - PastorServe

One of the greatest joys of my first two years as a pastor has been leaning into the gift of pastoring in community. I was just 23 years old when I accepted the call to lead Faith Baptist through the process of church revitalization as their pastor. Faith is a historic, 180 year-old church, with…

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Less is More

Less is More - PastorServe

We have all heard this phrase and have witnessed its appropriate application in various areas, such as in entrepreneurship. However the idea is still counterintuitive. Let me explain with an analogy. When I was in my teenage years, my father liked to take us to modified tractor pulls. For those of you not familiar with…

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Church Discipline

Church Discipline - PastorServe

“…you are not welcome in our gathered worship, you will not be admitted to the communion table, you will not be allowed to meet with your small group, nor with others in our church body…” These were the words I heard on a cold November day in 2013.  I heard these words from men I…

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