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Katrina Revisited

Katrina Revisited - PastorServe

  On Aug 29, 2005, Katrina, the deadliest hurricane to strike the US in the past 85 years, slammed into the Gulf Coast causing severe destruction from Texas to Florida. Because of the failed levee system, the hardest area hit was New Orleans. In total, Hurricane Katrina cost at least 1,245 people their lives. This…

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Ashley Madison and Repentance

Ashley Madison and Repentance - PastorServe

The past several months have been filled with heartbreaking stories of well know Christians and their moral failures. Like you, my heart hurt as I read story after story of those who have crossed lines, been caught in their sin and subsequently, according to those close to the situation, repented. It appears that every day…

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From our President

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  We look back and are amazed…and there is literally nothing we can take credit for at PastorServe. It’s all Jesus! Everything. I was recently reminded that the history of PastorServe is a history of the kindness of Jesus. As I look back over PastorServe’s most recent five years, every key initiative came about because…

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The Rough Edges

I don’t exactly know how a hobby starts, but I am now an official collector of sea glass. A couple of months ago I wrote about how the Aspen Tree demonstrates the need for community. Since the story of the Aspen hit home (we received a lot of feedback), let me share one additional picture…

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Sea Glass

Sea Glass - PastorServe

I don’t exactly know how a hobby starts, but I am now an official collector of sea glass. Recently, I had the incredible privilege of speaking to pastors in Las Conchas Mexico, which is located at the northernmost tip of the Gulf of California.  Also known as Rocky Point, the beach is well known for…

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You Are Free – Freedom

You Are Free - PastorServe

Undoubtedly, the holocaust imposed by Nazi Germany is one of the darkest periods of world history.  Concentration camps were the zenith of that darkness. Buchenwald Concentration Camp, located near Weimer Germany trailed only Auschwitz in the horrors it imposed.  Despite having no gas chambers, thousands died each month within Buchenwald from disease, malnutrition, beatings, and…

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Trees - What Are You? - PastorServe

If your life were reflected in a particular kind of tree, what kind of tree would that be?  It sounds like a question you would hear at the local tofu and granola lovers meeting (for the record – I like both tofu and granola). Many would want to be a giant redwood or a sequoia. …

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Encourage a Pastor – Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Encourage a Pastor - Don't Miss an Opportunity - PastorServe

I could have been there.  I should have been there.  But…I wasn’t there.  It’s the pain and regret of missed opportunities. Have you ever missed an opportunity?  Have you every looked back on a meeting you should have joined, a family gathering you should have made a priority or a pastor you should have encouraged…

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Easy Ordination

Come on!  How hard can it be to serve as a pastor?  I’ve run a successful business.  If I can do that – I can most definitely serve as a pastor! I admit it.  This angers me.  I am troubled when someone disparages the role of the pastor.  I am angered when someone speaks about…

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