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Media for Good…

As we know, media can be used for good or for evil. Media can build, encourage and educate. And, unfortunately, we have all witnessed the destructive influence of the media. The news is filled with daily examples of how the power of media is used to find a lost child, bring relief to victims of…

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Perspective Changes the Way We See Everything

Perspective Changes Everything

We think we are having a bad day when we spill coffee on our pants, until we learn that our next door neighbor was just diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Suddenly, that coffee stain doesn’t seem to be that big of a deal. We are furious with ourselves after receiving a speeding ticket on…

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Pastors Are Appreciated in Kansas City

PastorServe Pastors Appreciation Breakfast

“For a morning, I felt like a VIP. I felt like someone granted me a backstage pass to do something that most people in our church will never have the opportunity to do. For a morning, I felt incredibly special!” When I hear pastors speak words like that, I realize all the effort was well…

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24/7 Tennis - PastorServe

I had a good laugh during the recent PastorServe Haiti pastor’s conference. Posted at the reception desk of the hotel was a sign promoting tennis lessons for a mere $5 per hour. The sign read, “Tennis instructor available 24/7. $5 per hour. Please contact reception for reservation.” I let the receptionist know that I wanted to…

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Jimmy Dodd Podcast PastorServe

  The Difference Between Surviving and Thriving in Ministry Boils Down to 6 Crucial Relationships        Jimmy shared the biggest lie pastors believe and the six relationships every pastor needs. Big Questions: What are the six relationships every pastor should have? How can pastors cultivate deep true friendships? What is the biggest lie…

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3 Things Every Pastor Needs

Pastors need 3 things

Sometimes the news recycles – and the second time around can hurt worse than the first. There was a story that hit me hard in 2013. Teddy Parker, 42, a pastor in Macon, Ga., died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in the driveway of his home while his members at Mount Zion Baptist Church and…

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Haiti PastorServe Conference

Haiti PastorServe Conference

A team of nine recently traveled to Haiti to serve pastors and their spouses at the 2015 PastorServe Haiti Pastors Conference. The Lord graciously used the conference to renew marriages, recharge weary souls and bring Gospel transformation. In PastorServe’s sixteen-year history, this conference ranks near the top in terms of transformational impact upon pastors’ lives.…

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The Year In Review

‘Few understand the unique experience of us pastors and our loved ones…Though we are surrounded by crowds, we are often lonely. Though we are expected to affirm and encourage, we are often the brunt of criticism. Though we may have many “fans,” what we really crave are friends. Though we are leaders and teachers, we…

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Lessons from Watching the World Champion Royals

Lessons from Watching the World Champion Royals - PastorServe

While I understand that this letter goes out to friends around the country, please allow me to express a little excitement for the World Series Champions, my hometown Kansas City Royals. Allow me share with you the three greatest lessons I personally learned from watching the World Champion Royals in 2015. First, stop writing the end of the story before…

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A Learner’s Heart

Few People have moved my heart like Pastor Claude Mondesir, pastor of the Eglise Baptiste Evangelique Eben Ezer in Croix des Bouquet, Haiti. Before I tell you about Pastor Claude, allow me to provide a little background. At PastorServe, we frequently emphasize the need for pastors to have six foundational relationships – boss, trainer, coach,…

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